With a belief that a cleaner and safer market environment is possible, Nestle Cares in conjunction with Maggi carried out a series of cleanup activities in Ten markets (Rimi, Oyingbo, Bodija, Creek Road, New Artisan, Abaji, Siun, Utako, Satellite and Agbara Markets) across Eight States (Kano, Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Abuja, Jos, Ogun States) in Nigeria and these cleanup activities were proudly implemented by African Cleanup Initiative.

Seamless cleanup activities were carried out on different dates (8th, 15th and 22nd of September 2022) across all ten locations, although it rained in some locations, and the market stakeholders that were engaged were supportive through the project planning and implementation.

Some locations took the cleanup exercise as a challenge by dividing themselves into groups representing the brands of Nestle and the best group with the highest solid waste and proper cleanup carried out, emerge as the winner. While in other locations, advocacy and cleanup exercises were carried out for the marketers to adopt, after which the recyclables were carted away by assigned recyclers and solid waste recovered was evacuated by waste management operators or cart pushers to legal dumpsites located in the different locations. At the end of the program, 529 volunteers participated, 68kg of recyclables were recovered and 6913.2kg of solid waste were evacuated from all the locations.

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