Dear Donor,

Welcome to a flourishing week. We would like to invite you to join us in this month of April in celebrating the power of giving through The Global Giving’s LITTLE by LITTLE campaign.

From 3rd April2023 till 5th April 2023, GlobalGiving will increase ALL online donations up to $50 by 50%.

Your donations will go a long way to support our RecyclesPay Education Project.

The RecyclesPay Educational Project is an eco-friendly innovation that affords parents living in low-income communities the opportunity to pay the school fees of their children using recyclables, also it has provided schools with the same opportunity to be able to meet up with their financial challenges using recyclables (plastic bottles, can, pure water sachets, cartons, glass bottles and papers).

The RecyclesPay Educational Project seeks to address the issue of vulnerable children in Nigeria not having access to an education by offering a viable and scalable solution that enables them to pay for their education using plastic waste.

Recyclespay Educational Project was launched in 2018 and to date, this project has been launched in 104 schools (both private and public schools) while 207 schools have been registered. 3,220 pupils have directly benefitted from this program and 83215.4kg of recyclables have been recovered. This project has been featured in various media publications such as CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and others.

With your generous Donations, We’ll be able to support more children to remain in school.

Thank you for Donations as we continue to raise environmentally responsible citizens

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