The team arrived at Community Secondary School Umueze at 8:00am with the aim of executing two projects which are:

Clean up exercise and Sensitization of Junior Secondary School Students.

During the school assembly, the team was invited by the Principal, Mr Nweke Sunday to address the students. After the school assembly was over, the team had a brief discussion with the principal and then headed to the junior class for the sensitization on effective waste management and actions to take to care for the environment. The talk spanned for 30 minutes and the students were paired into seven groups for a puzzle game fun time. They were to find words that are related to the environment.

Group 2 turned out to be the first group to complete the challenge and they were rewarded with Choco milo cubes. We assisted in keeping the school premises clean as agreed during our first visit and also cleared the area used for dumping all kinds of waste as we discovered that practice was bad for the health of the children so we took permission from the school authority to clear off the used dumping ground.

The session ended by 11: 30am with the team lead summarizing all that had been taught and a question and answer session. The students were applauded for volunteering and participating. Refreshments was served.

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