The Agege community recycling program commenced at 10:00 am. There were 13 participants present from the ACI Team who all met at the front of the LAWMA Transfer loading station, Oba Ogunji Road, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria. At this location, all participants were informed on what will be done and what we aim to achieve by Mr. Shredrack, and tracts that were to be shared were distributed to each participant by Miss Nora.

After these, Mr. Shedrack, the Monitoring & Evaluation Manager suggested we split ways and divided us into groups of 7 and 6 who went opposite ways. We went into schools like The Pythagoras college and the great heights school and sensitized the headteachers about the recycling program which will take place on the 23rd April 2022, and how the collection of recyclables can be monetized which they all received with open minds.

We also went to the marketplace and sensitized most of the shop owners about recycling, how to make money while keeping their environment clean, and the recycling company around them i.e FALCONS SOLUTION SERVICES which will be always ready to accept recyclables. In any case of misunderstanding, we left a number which they can call for inquiries and a continued point of contact.

Later, all participants met up at the front of the LAWMA building, Agege. Then we headed into the LAWMA compound to visit the FALCONS SOLUTIONS SERVICES facility who is partnering with ACI and saw how things work there (compressing of the pet bottles with the bailer in preparation for sales) and we saw two pickup bicycles available for the collection of recyclables. After this amazing visit, we headed back to our various locations at about 12:00pm.

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