The programme with the theme “gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow” and campaign theme as “break the bias” intended for majorly women, to commemorate the International Women’s Day featured prominent speakers and participants. The discussion focused on women emotional wellness, menstrual health and hygiene and also the need to take action for environmental sustainability.

Mrs Gloria ADABA, an environmental sustainability consultant and CEO of Remould Global Ventures Limited, emphasised on the reusing of materials or recyclables such as plastic, cans, glass bottles, etc., as an act of encouraging sustainability.

Mrs Eunice Alex-Akhigbe a licensed Nurse/Midwife with over 15 years of experience also emphasised on better menstrual hygiene and how to use and benefits of the menstrual cup. She said “make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching your v-area during menstration to avoid infection from the germs in your hands already, do not wash your v-area with soap because some contain harsh chemicals and the v-area also already cleanses itself so water would be best for washing”. She also mentioned how the menstrual cup could last you for longer period of time (5 years) without having to buy again unlike the sanitary pad. She said “with the cup, there are no leakages, no need to spend money every month, no need to worry about comfort as it is very comfortable to use and also that the position of the cup in the v-area does not disturb urination”. And many more.

Mrs Oluwadamilola Adesanya educated participants on the Gender Equality: She said “your emotion and wellness is not just about your state of health but everything. Once one is affected, all is also affected”. She also encouraged that women takeout time for themselves and also that those who are knowledgeable well equipped should make out opportunities for other women.

The event ended with appreciation for the organisation and the speakers who celebrated them and took out time to educate them. About 20 Women were impacted

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