ACI Academy is an arm of the African Cleanup Initiative that was founded to fulfill the organization’s mission of raising environmentally responsible citizens. We believe in educating and empowering citizens through environmental education, strategy, and community service. 

The Academy is designed to meet the many needs for information, collaboration, and a community where people can engage in discussions to promote climate action.

The Academy’s first training took place on September 24, 2020, at Isolo, with 15 people in attendance. The Facilitators were Mr. Adewole Taiwo, Executive Director of Recyclepoints Waste Management Company, and Mr. Alex Akhigbe, CEO of African Cleanup Initiative. The training was on waste management and climate change.

The second edition was held on November 26th, also at Isolo, with 23 people in attendance. The facilitator for this batch of participants was Dr. Femi Idowu Adegoke, the Co-founder of Ecoviridis Environmental Technology, and the training was on Recycling.

In 2021, the Academy decided to create a platform that will allow other interested individuals outside the shore of Lagos and Nigeria to also benefit from. This lead to the virtual Training platform.

The first batch of the Academy’s online edition began on April 6, 2021, and lasted for 10 weeks, covering topics such as recycling, environmental health, environmental protection/safety, SDG, climate change, environmental sustainability/practices, volunteerism/community service, Integrated Waste Management, and project management. The students worked on a variety of projects ranging from recycling to advocacy, among others. 50 students in total were trained and graduated from the academy.

The Academy also organizes customized training and the debut was done on Marine Pollution for staff of African Circle Pollution Management Limited in July 2021 with Dr. Joseph Nkwoji, a lecturer in the Department of Marine Sciences Unilag, and Mr. Julius Brown as facilitators for the training session.

The second edition of the Customized training was on Waste Management for staff of African Circle Pollution Management Limited in July 2021 with Dr. Femi Idowu Adegoke, the co-founder of Ecoviridis technologies and Mr. Julius Brown as Facilitators.

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