Apply for Climate Action Sustainability Fellowship (CASF)

Programme Overview:

Duration: 5 days (May 21st – May 25th, 2024)

Commitment: Engage in a series of impactful activities, hands on training and webinars, dedicating approximately 4 hours per day to enhance your knowledge and skills with a target of only fifty (50) people for the fellowship.


Program Curriculum:

  • Understanding Climate Change Science: Global Warming, Greenhouse Gases and Consequences
  • Media and the Act of Story Telling in Combating Climate Change
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation; the way forward
  • Climate Action & Environmental Health for Sustainability
  • The importance of Stakeholders Engagement in Sustainability
  • E-waste Management and Circular Economy
  • Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies
  • Transformative Leadership
  • Safety Management in the Workplace
  • Amplifying the Sustainable Development Goals and its impact.
  • Climate Financing
  • Carbon Emission Reduction and Carbon Exchange Market
  • The Business of Waste Management & Recycling


Eligibility Criteria:

This program is open to young leaders in Africa who:

  • Reside in Africa
  • Are passionate about environmental sustainability and waste management.
  • Can commit to the five days in person training holding in Lagos, Nigeria. 
  • Aspire to drive profitable waste initiatives in their communities.


In the Programme, Participants Will:

  • Better understand Circular Economy concepts and how their adoption/best practices can support sustainable development.
  • Understand Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation; the way forward
  • Be equipped to better understand the physical changes in their environment and provide them with the tools with which to combat climate change.
  • Advocate for an equitable and sustainable future for all.
  • Raise a community of Climate Action Ambassadors for Mother Earth.



Participants commit to:

  • Active involvement in all stages of the program
  • Completing assigned training and micro-funding activities
  • Engaging in monitoring and evaluation for continuous improvement
  • Contributing to a circular economy in their communities


Proposed Outcomes:

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Engage improved knowledge in Climate Change, Circular Economy and Sustainability.
  • Raise Climate Action Ambassadors across Africa committed to protecting Mother Earth.
  • Fellows will be equipped with the right skill needed to embark on eco-friendly projects in their community.
  • Opportunities for Global Impact will be annexed by the Fellows.
  • Possible Collaborations amongst fellows. 



All successful participants will receive a Climate Action Sustainability Fellowship certificate, marking their commitment to environmental responsibility.


Platforms for Engagement:

  • In person and virtual sessions 
  • Webinars and discussions on designated platforms
  • Collaboration through a dedicated fellowship network.


₦75,000 ($50) inclusive of tuition and resource materials.
Note: The overall cost of delivering the Climate Action Sustainability Program is ₦1.8Mn (~$1,200). However, we are able to offer a heavily subsidized fee of ₦75,000 ($50) through the support of our generous benefactors and donors.

Climate Action Sustainability Fellowship - Call for Application

Ready to take a leading role in environmental sustainability? Apply for the Climate Action Sustainability Fellowship!

Applications opens February 15, 2024, and closes 23 March 2024